Section 184 / Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program 

At First American Mortgage, we can ensure that Native American borrowers get the best deal available through Section 184.


The Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program is a home mortgage product specifically designed for American Indian and Alaska Native families, Alaska villages, tribes, or tribally designated housing entities, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. With Section 184 financing borrowers can get into a home with a low down payment and flexible underwriting. Section 184 loans can be used, both on and off native lands, for new construction, rehabilitation, purchase of an existing home, or refinance.


The Office of Loan Guarantee within HUD’s Office of Native American Programs, guarantees the Section 184 home mortgage loans, assuring the loan will be repaid in full in the event of foreclosure.


Who qualifies for Section 184 loans?

  • American Indians or Alaska Natives who are citizens of a federally recognized tribe.

  • Federally-recognized Indian tribes.

  • 620 Minimum FICO Score

  • Debt to Income ratio must not exceed 41%


Any Oklahoma borrowers that are not sure if you qualify, please talk to us. We have experience navigating these regulations and can help you evaluate your situation.


Section 184 loan requirements set by HUD’s Office of Native American Programs:

  • Loans must be made in an eligible area. All of Oklahoma has been designated an eligible area.

  • Borrowers must apply with a HUD-approved Section 184 lender. First American Mortgage is on the approved list.

  • Low Down Payment: 2.25% on loans over $50,000 and only 1.25% on loans under $50,000

  • Low-Interest Rates: based on market rates, not on applicant’s Credit Scores

  • Manual Underwriting: The Program utilizes a hands-on approach to underwriting and approval as opposed to automated decision-making tools.

  • Section 184 Upfront Loan Guarantee Fee and Annual Mortgage Insurance:  A one-time 1.5% upfront guarantee fee is paid at closing and can be financed into the loan.  In addition, loans with a loan value of 78% or greater will be subject to an annual .25% mortgage insurance premium. (this drops @ 10 years)

  • Section 184 loans cannot be used for Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).


Contact your First American Mortgage loan officer to learn more about Section 184 loans!