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Construction to Perm Financing

Turn Your Dream Home Into Reality with Construction to Permanent Financing!

Consider a construction-to-permanent loan as the ideal solution for your home-building journey. This three-stage mortgage streamlines the process, allowing you to finance the entire construction journey from lot purchase to project completion with a single loan—no need for separate loan applications for each phase. As construction concludes, we seamlessly transition from a construction loan to a permanent one in collaboration with your lender.

At First American Mortgage, we aim to simplify and enhance your experience. You'll save time and money with a single upfront closing and consolidated closing costs.

Wondering if you qualify for construction to perm financing?

  • The borrower must purchase the lot and finance the construction

  • Income and credit requirements apply

  • Choose from flexible fixed and adjustable-rate loan options

  • Ideal for those planning to build a primary or vacation home

Contact your First American Mortgage loan officer today to get pre-qualified and explore the possibilities of construction to permanent financing




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